Music by Reuf Sipović

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All musicians on stage by Survival project are specialists in our studio pursue one goal: To ensure you make an impact. We use everything needed for the production of fine sound. We give ourselves time to try out which mood, which sound and which melody most perfectly suits your movie or your brand - whether performed by orchestra or interpreted by band or solo. We tread your commission not simply as a job but as our mission.

Music creates vibes. These then interweave in a sound that enthrals the listener – and lures him into a world apart.

The Music gives your movie or your brand distinctive emotional massage – whether is long or short, a feature film or an audio logo. Your requirements are just as special as our compositions. And sometimes a melody sneaks into your ear – and lives on for one eternity. Just LISTEN to our SOUND and you will know what we mean.

Your message must hit home. As a source of feelings experiences, it must reach out to the listener trough the power of sounds and music.