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Major Updates in 2021 – despite Corona

It is not clear for us, as for all other music makers, when it will be possible to present our live performances again. In the meantime, we will continue to try to bring our planned updates and releases to you. Stay in touch to get the latest updates.

Sevdah Unplugged

Sevdah is the term for the traditional Bosnian melody. The guitarist Reuf Sipović, having grown up in this tradition, has arranged several of the songs with a mindful balance between old and new influences. Together with Željka Antelj (vocals) and Adam Weisman (percussion), they present Sevdah as a crossover between traditional world, classic and rock music. The trio performs the original larger arrangments in a compact and unplugged version.
Besides selected Sevdah pieces we also have some traditional Macedonian songs in our repertoire. The audio in the video trailer is an excerpt of the Macedonian song “Zemi me Zemi” in an acoustic trio version.