Zajdi Zajdi – Timles Ballad

Reuf Sipović Feat. Željka Antelj Zajdi Zajdi. Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and all other streaming and download Platforms. Listen to our duo version and have a look at the YouTube video. Choose your preferred streaming or download service.

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Zajdi Zajdi is a Macedonian traditional song in an acoustic version newly composed and arranged for Duo by Reuf Sipović.

Sevdah is the term for the traditional Bosnian melody.
The guitarist Reuf Sipović, having grown up in this tradition, has arranged several of the songs with a mindful balance between old and new influences. Together with Željka Antelj (vocals) and Adam Weisman (percussion), they present Sevdah as a crossover between traditional world, classic and rock music. The trio performs the Reuf’s original larger arrangements in a compact and unplugged version. Besides selected Sevdah pieces they also have some traditional Macedonian songs in their repertoire.

The new situation that occurred due to the pandemic, (when all the announced concerts had to be cancelled again), as well as the uncertainty about further cultural events and performances, influenced the decision to record the video production “Zajdi Zajdi”, just before the second German lockdown, in order to bring the acoustic repertoire closer to the audience.
The single “Zajdi Zajdi” (​​ ) was created during the video production of the same name. It was a challenge in the home studio to record a combination of improvised “video design concert” along with the audio for the single track release, as the microphones had to be positioned very close to each other due to the lack of space. The video and audio presented now was recorded in a single take.The release of this single is also related to our announced independent online digital distribution with the associated move of previous music productions.

Video Credits
Reuf Sipović Guitar | Željka Antelj Vocal

Production designer, producer, editing, music, arrangement, sound recording, mixing, mastering, cover artwork graphic design, zajdi logo design: Reuf Sipović

@reufsipovic @reuf_info

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